Learn to make your own Book Covers Part One

I know money can be very limiting when it comes to one’s budget. That is why I always strive to price my covers at a very affordable price range. But, even with sales and coupons, money can still be tight and one can’t afford to pay $30 or $20. What other options do writers have then? Well, one is making their own cover. That can be harder and not everyone knows how to make a cover.

So, a few months back I made a quick How To video on my YouTube Channel for those who want to learn how to make their own covers. Sit back and enjoy these simple tips I share with you in creating your very own book cover in UNDER 20 Minutes.

If you have time any feedback is welcomed here or in my YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching and I hope this video helps you cut on costs and in your writing journey.

But, wait a moment—one can’t forget the images needed to design a cover. Check back in my next post where I will be listing some places that you can download images for FREE. Yes, that is right, at no cost to you. Till next time, keep creating and inspiring. 🙂


Sales Just Got Better

As promised, here is our second coupon for this year’s Black Friday Sale. Buy One DIY Template Cover Get One FREE!!

Coupon expires Monday at 12:00am. Check out my shop.


This coupon is for my DIY Templeate Covers. I currently have 9 different covers up at the shop and you can customize them yourself as much as you want to make them one of a kind. These covers are sold more than once that is why it isn’t necessary to buy it again, just customize it. These covers are great for volumes, chapter books and such.


Also, don’t forget our other coupon that is still running for the remainder of the sale.


With this coupon you can get some covers for as low as $10. You thought our $15 sale was crazy, well $10 for some of these covers is INSANE (after coupon). Check them out and have a great Thanksgiving.

Black Friday Sale Starts NOW!!

Get the savings you deserve with this Black Friday Sale. Get $20 off a Cover from my shop over at PremadeCovers4U with coupon code: blackfriday2017

Coupon can be applied to each cover you purchase as long as each cover is $30 and up prior to the discount. Can not be applied to covers already on sale or DIY Template Covers.


Sale only applies to my covers (covers made by WeblightDreams)!! Happy Shopping! Don’t forget to check back tomorrow for another coupon.

Coupon expires 11/27 at 12:00 am.

Christmas and Workouts?

Before I touch on the title, let me point out the fact that Black Friday is almost here. This year I plan to stay home and enjoy Thanksgiving Dinner like one used to. I will be checking a few sales the day before or online if there is something that catches my fancy. Now on to the title…

I have two new Christmas themed covers and well one that isn’t. And as always these covers are available at PremadeCovers4U.


There was a recent request for more covers with people working out and such so of course I had to include a man with tattoos, what is sexier than that right?!


I am still up on what kind of sale to hold for Black Friday on my premade covers. If you all have any suggestions feel free to leave them below. But one thing is certain, my prices will be going up so if there is a cover you have been eyeing now is the time to get it.

Thanks for stopping by, keep writing and inspiring.

Till next time, Happy Thanksgiving.

Gears and Butterflies?

What is up with today’s title? Had a hard time coming up with one today so I just listed the main item on each cover. In our steampunk cover we have many, many gears and in our other cover of the day there are butterflies. 🙂

Not very original, I know.


I am still struggling to find the motivation to go beyond simple covers, but I am still quite happy with these two covers.


I hope you enjoy them as well. Till next time, lets hope college is a little more forgiving and gives me time to get those creative juices rolling. Don’t forget to keep writing and good luck with NANOWRIMO for those taking part this year. I myself won’t be taking part, though I wish I could have.

The Horror is Coming

Ok, I must admit I was originally going to title this entry “The Zombies are Coming,” but in fear of getting sued by Plants vs Zombies I changed it up. 🙂

Here are 3 more new covers for Halloween. I feel like they aren’t up to par, but lately I haven’t been in the mood to create covers. With trying to graduate and everything else life loves to throw at me I have been too busy to give these covers the time I wish I could. Nonetheless, I hope you still enjoy them.

Happy screaming! (All covers available at PremadeCovers4U)

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Just in time for Halloween

I thought while I try to balance life with college I showcase some of my previous premade covers that fall or can fall under the theme Halloween. All covers shown here  are still currently available for purchase. I might even do a Halloween sale if I have time. So make sure to check back often to see if that will happen or not. 🙂

Thanks for stopping by and remember keep writing and inspiring.