Having to go to Court & The Outcome of it all

What can I say? I might have my mojo back? Does that apply to women? Whatever you want to call it, I am finally back in the mood to make covers. These past few weeks have been nerve wrecking, stress filled and hard to overcome.

From having to go to court for a citation for my dog not having his tags and rabies shot to fighting off this darn heat, my stress levels needed a rest. Whoever thought reporting an incident on one’s puppy getting attacked, kidnapped and injured by a neighbor’s dog would lead to getting harassed by such neighbor’s animal pound manager friend to getting threatened and taken to court. Not to mention the possible second court threat still lingering in the air like moldy old shoes.

My heart and stomach can’t take any more of this. I thought corrupt officials even in such a small position only existed in Korean dramas. Who knew.



These three covers sure helped keep my mind off problems and remind me of how much I enjoy making covers. I hope you like them as much as I do. And if you’ve ever had issues about your dogs, it is safe to say there is still some justice out there. I took my puppy to get his shot and tags, registered him with the animal pound and went to court. I am happy to say the $414 citation was removed due to compliance. Thank you justice. I just hope this neighbor leaves me alone. Not looking forward to a second court date.

Finally Getting Somewhere with Two Sexy Covers

Getting out of the rut or as they say jumping over the hurdle. Finally managed to do two covers that are not nonfiction. 🙂 Trying to expand our Erotica genre in our shop so here are two sexy covers for you.

And I also thought I give you guys an early viewing of these covers before they go up on the shop a day early.

Which one do you like more? Have you read or written erotica? I’ve written some, but have yet to publish any. 😦

Till next time, keep creating and inspiring.

Covers will be available at PremadeCovers4U tomorrow, August 9th.

Still in the Nonfiction Trend

Almost out of the woods with these sad emotions. Somehow, I am only in the mood to work on nonfiction covers, the other genres are a bit too draining.

Even though these are also somewhat plain I really like them. What do you think? Should I try and venture outside of nonfiction or just let it happen gradually?

I think after the 10th I might start to see some change in how I am feeling lately and maybe even in my covers I design. Let’s hope I can tackle some more steam punk or horror.

Sorry for the shortness of this post, hope you were able to enjoy it nonetheless. Till next time.

Covers available for purchase here.

A Little Ray of Peace

I am still feeling a little down. But at least a little ray of peace came to me today while I tried my hand on some more #nonfiction premade covers. These are more on the purple color and still a little simple.


Really like the first one. Was kind of blank on what to do with the second one.

Sometimes people look for simple covers that convey peace of mind so I hope I expressed that in these covers.

Thanks for watching, till next time. 🙂 Also, don’t forget my Summer Clearance Blowout Sale is still going on till the last days of August. I have over 150 covers for Only $15.

Here’s a cover that sold yesterday for that insane price.


Crazy cheap right! This is just a way to say thank you for all the support and a way to clear out stock and make room for more new covers. So, if you are interested go check out my shop.

Feeling Down and the Covers Show it

Feeling kind of blaaa and I think this reflects on my two more recent covers. They are rather generic and can also be nonfiction. They also kind of share a similar color tone or lack of. 🙂


In life one tries to do the good thing and when one finally gets the chance to do so, those who cheat the law snap you in the ankle. Have any of you been in a situation like that? I wish it on no one. However, I do hope you are able to enjoy the covers despite the feelings I was going through when designing them.

Thank you for stopping by.

If you are interested in any of my covers you can find them here as well as many other covers by some awesome book cover designers.

Her Familiars

Love the feeling of writing about current covers. I hope you enjoyed my last three premade covers. This cover was done rather quickly, but I still enjoyed the creating process of it. In the mood for Paranormal right now.


What do you all think? Should I make more #paranormal covers or switch over to a different genre?

Feel free to leave your thoughts of this cover in the comments section. What kind of story do you think it tells?

Cover available through Premade Covers 4U.

A Great Mixture

Now that we are all caught up, let me present to you my 3 latest premade covers. Can’t decide which one was most fun or my favorite.







Which cover do you like best? I wonder what new covers I will create next. Have any suggestions, leave them in the comments. Thanks for watching and reading.