More Cover Improvements

My journey to always bring you the best covers for your stories is continuous and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Here are a few more covers I tweak, played around with the colors and tones and layout to ensure it was the best it could be.

I hope you enjoy these changes and new looks as much as I do. All covers are still available for purchase at my shop over at PremadeCovers4U.

This last one is my favorite because I am really grasping what colors really make the images pop and layering more images on top of each other seamlessly.

More cover improvements to come along with new cover designs. So stick around and thanks for stopping by. Also, don’t forget about the new sale coming soon. In the meantime why not check out my updated page on Covers on Sale for $25 and below and Cover Templates for $5.


New Covers, New Sales

I thought I share with you two of my new covers.

Is there a preference you have when it comes to covers? Is there a genre you love writing on that we just haven’t touched on? Let us know, we are always looking for new cover ideas and concepts to try out.



I had mentioned in my last post how much we appreciate your continued support and I wasn’t lying. I have another wonderful sale coming soon to show you all how much we love working with you and seeing that you love our covers.

If you haven’t purchased a cover yet, now might be the perfect time to do so. This sale will start next week and won’t last long. It will end in mid-July. More on the next post.


If you have suggestions on what our sale should be, leave them below. Thanks for stopping by and keep those writing juices flowing.

Most Recent Covers Sold

I love designing covers and you all are the reason I keep doing so. I want to thank each and every one who has purchased a cover from us. The shop has been running for years now and it couldn’t have if it wasn’t for your continued support. We are 4 cover designers, writers and avid readers like yourself and we love doing what we do.

Here are the two most recent covers that have been purchased from my shop. For more covers like these please make sure you check out my shop. I have over 350 covers with many more on their way. If you don’t find the cover you desire, there are over 100 more covers created by my fellow designers in the main shop page.

We are always posting new covers. Bookmark us so you don’t miss out. Thanks for reading and have a great day writing.

Updates and Cover Improvements

I completely forgot to mention when our site went up again. It is now working and ready for your viewing pleasure. I have posted the new covers I had shown in my previous post and even updated a handful of older covers.

Older Version                                             Updated Cover

Being an artist and a writer I am always trying to ensure that my covers are at their best. At times one can’t tell until some time later. So, I went back to some of my older covers and improved them. I reposted them, deleting the older post, of course, to ensure everyone sees their new looks. In no way are they posted more than once. At Premade Covers 4U we pride ourself on selling a cover only once. If a cover ever goes back to the shop it just means the buyer changed their mind or it was never paid for.

Older Version                              Updated Cover



With this said I hope you take a look at our shop and check out all the improvements on the covers I made. There are a few more I plan to upgrade and improve. Once those are done they will be reposted on the front page of my shop to ensure you don’t miss out on them.

Thank you for reading and keep on writing. I look forward to seeing your works.

Store is Down & Cover Updates

PremadeCovers4U website is down at the moment. I apologize, but it seems an update killed the site. Owner of the site is working hard to get it back up. In the meantime, I thought I share with you all the new covers that are waiting to be posted on my shop over at PremadeCovers4U.

We start off with the steamy erotic themed covers. Who doesn’t want to get lost in the jungle with a cover like this one?! 🙂 Or maybe a nice forest filled with butterflies?


There are some steamy Christmas themed covers that I am super excited to add to our Holiday Section.



And one can’t forget about these horror-themed covers that are just dying to jump off the page. Sorry, couldn’t resist the pun.


Let’s hope the shop opens soon. And don’t think I forgot about the second part of how to make your own covers. More cover tips coming soon.

Thanks for reading!

Learn to make your own Book Covers Part One

I know money can be very limiting when it comes to one’s budget. That is why I always strive to price my covers at a very affordable price range. But, even with sales and coupons, money can still be tight and one can’t afford to pay $30 or $20. What other options do writers have then? Well, one is making their own cover. That can be harder and not everyone knows how to make a cover.

So, a few months back I made a quick How To video on my YouTube Channel for those who want to learn how to make their own covers. Sit back and enjoy these simple tips I share with you in creating your very own book cover in UNDER 20 Minutes.

If you have time any feedback is welcomed here or in my YouTube Channel. Thanks for watching and I hope this video helps you cut on costs and in your writing journey.

But, wait a moment—one can’t forget the images needed to design a cover. Check back in my next post where I will be listing some places that you can download images for FREE. Yes, that is right, at no cost to you. Till next time, keep creating and inspiring. 🙂

Sales Just Got Better

As promised, here is our second coupon for this year’s Black Friday Sale. Buy One DIY Template Cover Get One FREE!!

Coupon expires Monday at 12:00am. Check out my shop.


This coupon is for my DIY Templeate Covers. I currently have 9 different covers up at the shop and you can customize them yourself as much as you want to make them one of a kind. These covers are sold more than once that is why it isn’t necessary to buy it again, just customize it. These covers are great for volumes, chapter books and such.


Also, don’t forget our other coupon that is still running for the remainder of the sale.


With this coupon you can get some covers for as low as $10. You thought our $15 sale was crazy, well $10 for some of these covers is INSANE (after coupon). Check them out and have a great Thanksgiving.