Silent but not Gone

I’ve been MIA for around a year and then again for the past few months, but in no way have I been idle. I am 70 covers away from creating my 500th Premade Cover and that is a milestone I have been trying to reach for the longest time.

As I’ve created some misses and some very stunning covers I have grown faster in the premade work area at least. Don’t mention custom covers please. I am still a snail at those.

So with out further ado here are more covers as I continue the catch up game. I will also be creating a Sales section to help keep track of what covers you can get for dirt cheap. 🙂 Plus, what perfect timing then when I am holding a Summer Clearance Blowout Sale, right?!


I decided to go about a different approach in showcasing all these past covers I’ve designed. Keep in mind they are still available for purchase over at Premade Covers 4U. All these covers were created with either DAZ 3D images, clip art or 2D art images. Really love designing these kinds of covers, but they aren’t that popular or maybe I just haven’t created enough with elements that people love. What do you think?

More Cover Touchups

Revising my last batch of covers. Here are a few more that I think really needed the improvements.

Beforebookcover166lr AfterBookCover166LR

Changing the theme again by adding a woman. This helps make it more appealing.

Beforebluecover AfterBookCover203LR

Adding another image helps add another element to the cover and overall theme.


In this cover the change was very small, placed the key in a better angle.


Added a map on the top cover of the cover to help break up the gray and simple look of it.

Improving Past Concepts

As I was uploading all my #premadecovers I have done in an attempt to catch up I noticed a few covers weren’t up to par. At least not anymore. 🙂 So, I decided to tweak them a bit and make them more appealing.

Here are a few that benefited from these changes:

Beforebookcover196lr  Afterbookcover196lr

I had originally used a 3D image from #DAZStudio as the main female image. But not everyone uses covers with images like these.

BeforeBookCover91LR  Afterbookcover91lr

I liked this cover how it was, I was trying to create a children fairy tale story. However, not many people write children stories, at least not one that fits this cover well .So, I decided to turn the cover into a YA cover with the same theme. Now it can include a mermaid story as well because of the shells in the background.

BeforeBookCover127LR  Afterbookcover127lr

This cover was suppose to be a how to write horror cover. However, I decided to go the horror route only. Added a few more blood splatters and it was set.

BeforeBookCover149LR  Afterbookcover149lr

Using free images or stock images can sometimes lead to others using the same image and create a cover that is too similar to yours. This was the case and it didn’t help that it was by another designer at the same shop. So, I added a skull and now it had it’s own unique look.

BeforeBookCover157LR  Afterbookcover157lr

Changing the direction of several or one image alone can make a huge difference. I really like the angle of the man in the second one, it makes the cover more interesting.

BeforeBookCover76LR  Afterbookcover76lr

Nice cover on it’s own, but it was too simple. I added a pearl necklace and flower and it gave it a greater overall look.

BeforeBookCover77LR   Afterbookcover77lr

Just moving images around can be all you need to improve a cover. Plus, making the font easier to see helps too.

Some times when making covers you don’t see how much better a cover can be if you just keep tweaking it and trying out new images. There are a few more I need to tweak, but I am loving how better these covers look now. How about you?

My catching up will continue after this. So, stay tuned.

Catching up is hard

Didn’t realize just how many covers I had done since I last posted here. I decided to post a bit more covers than the last entry to show off a bit more variety. We have a great selection of nonfiction, children book covers and more.

All covers still available for sale over at PremadeCovers4U as of this post.

Romance & Contemporary

Paranormal/Fantasy & Scifi

Nonfiction & Children’s Stories

Playing Catch Up! (Past Covers)

Been absent for too long, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been making covers. For the next few days I will be playing catch up and trying to post all current available premade covers. Don’t forget to check back on my shop over at Premade Covers 4U for more new covers.

First we have a Science Fiction cover perfect for those outer world stories about aliens, love, and intergalactic peace.


Then we have some Nonfiction covers for those stories true to our hearts and adventurers.


Last, but not least, we have Western and Contemporary Romance for those romantics we can’t get enough of.


Please keep in mind old links might not work since the shop was updated and my store name changed. All covers, as of this post, are still available for sale.

Thank you all, see you all in the next post.

Giveaway Finally Here (ENDED)

**Update: Giveaway has ENDED with no entries and thus no winner.**

I apologize for the super long delay to the giveaway I had promised way back in 2015. Life got in the way and I seemed to have dropped off the blog universe. I have been busy creating more cover and finally managed to get back on here. I will be listing the covers that are up for grab, ONLY ONE WINNER will be selected. Please make sure to read all the rules and follow them. Good luck and thank you so much for your patience.


  • Must follow this blog.
  • Must follow my writing blog, Enchanted Tales of the Romantic Kind.
  • Must have taken part of NANOWRIMO and finished either in 2015 or 2016. Link your entry in the comments.
  • Include a comment on what type of covers you like best & the link to your NANOWRIMO entry in the comments section of either blog giveaway post.

And that is it.

Now for the covers up for grabs…

I will be giving away one premade cover from my ever growing collection over at PremadeCovers4U. Please keep in mind that it will be one of my covers and not one created by one of the other artists. My covers are sold one time only, so don’t try to grab dibs on a cover that is currently up until the last day of the giveaway because the cover might not be available then. This way you also don’t miss out on one of the wonderful new covers I design.

Only limitation to my over 300 cover selection is that it can’t be a cover priced at $60 and above.

Giveaway ends February 28 with Winner announced on March 1st.

So, lets see those comments. 🙂

30 Covers Challenge (Day 25-30)

Wow, life just didn’t let me post these last few covers. I did post four of them on the shop a day or so before. 🙂 Well nonetheless, here are the last covers bringing the cover challenge to an end. Keep an eye out for the blog listing in detail how you can win one of my premade covers in the next few days.

Day 25


Day 26


Day 27


Day 28


Day 29


Day 30


What a ride. Designed a few covers for genres I hadn’t plus expanded a few of my favorites. All covers will be available on PremadeCovers4U. Also, I will be making a compilation of all the covers in my next post.