How about a New Cover?!

I just wanted to let you all know that I am not MIA just crazy busy with college. I also wanted to let the other cover designers on Premade Covers 4U a chance to post their covers and get some main page time. Don’t want to hog the spotlight, well maybe just a little. 🙂

I only have one cover to update you all on and it is influenced by Halloween. Horror, paranormal and supernatural fit perfectly in this time of year and what better way to mesh all those together than with another vampire cover.


This one is a bit simple with a touch of a background, if you squint really hard. LOL But, even with one update I do hope to make a few more before Halloween hits us. Do you all have a preference of stories that you like reading during that festivity? If so drop them in the comments or better yet let me know what Halloween influenced covers you would like to see posted here.


Sexy Covers Sell Best

Ok, I am not trying to make a point or say that the title of this entry is 100% true. I was just blank at what to call this blog. Since the majority or all of my covers being showcased today have some element of sexiness or female appeal, I thought it fitting. Plus, it also makes a great discussion for the comments section don’t you agree?


For this first cover, I thought I do a cover on a were-tiger. Been watching Midnight, Texas TV series and one of the characters is one. That is all I am going to say as spoilers go for that show. 🙂


As for this cover, I was looking for a noir, black and white sort of feel but yet maintain some color for appeal. I really like the touch of blood on her wings.


For this cover, I wanted to go for the tough young woman feel to it. I have many covers showcasing women on the covers but not many that give off the mystery/crime action trope. Really like how this one came together.


And last but not least, this cover was quite easy to do yet the overall purple look to it made it more than just a simple cover. Love the pose of the couple and the layout of the typography.

Over all, I think these past few weeks have been pretty productive and can’t wait to see what new covers my imagination puts together. Till next time, keep writing and inspiring. Thanks for reading!

Updating my Old Shop

If you’ve been around since I first created this blog or if you’ve read some of my older posts you will know that I have two places I post my covers. Some are posted in PremadeCovers4U shop, which gives me the opportunity to price my covers at whatever prices I want and even hold sales. The other place is SelfPubBookCovers. There I am only allowed to price my covers starting at $69 and up. But, they do have a vast library of covers by countless designers as well as a large following and author clients.

Here are some covers I have designed and uploaded there. All but one cover has been approved so far, the Steam Punk cover. They can be quite slow at this since they have so many covers they need to check and approve daily.

Please keep in mind that I never post my covers at the two places simultaneously, it is either one or the other. I have moved some more pricey covers from PremadeCovers4U over to SelfPubBookCovers if I see that they aren’t selling. This I tend to limit and I wait a very, very long time for some covers before I move them. I want my clients to be able to get their covers at the most affordable price they can.

With that said, I will be moving some more covers over to SelfPubBookCovers. So, I recommend that if there is a cover you want in my shop over at PremadeCovers4U you get it now before it is moved and the price is raised. Thank you all for reading. Till next time, keep writing and inspiring.

Expanding, Expanding & More Expanding

Like I mentioned in a previous post or two, I am trying to expand our genre variety and covers available. So, yet again here are some more #nonfiction, #DIY template covers, and more.

More DIY Template Covers: These sell for $5 but more than one person can buy. You have to add title and name, plus can customize it to make it unique.

Military/Government Covers: These speak for themselves. These are regular covers and only sold once.

And last but not least we have a gaming/children’s cover.


Man, have I been a busy bee and I even posted back to back these past few days. Don’t get used to it, because I will be starting college classes on Monday and that means less time to work on covers and art.

Till next time. Don’t forget to check on our shop to see what new covers get posted.

Updates & Genre Voting Time

Each month I try to include our readers and viewers in what kind of covers we design. Well, at least I do in our Facebook Page for Premade Covers 4U. Each month a new poll of sorts goes up with three different genres to choose from. I thought I extend this opportunity to my viewers and readers here as well.

Here is August’s Genre Pick. Leave your preference in the comments section below.


Voting ends August 31st and you get to see the winning genre pour in throughout the month of September. Can’t wait to see which one you choose.

And for an update, I have added two new covers to the shop. One is another DIY Template cover and the other one is a romance/historical. Thanks for reading and catch you all in the next one.

Expanding Less Popular Categories

In my previous post I mentioned trying to expand my selection of covers available for purchase. As you know there are many types of stories. This is my continued attempt to provide a large selection of genres, categories and themes.

The first two covers shown here fall under our DIY Cover Templates. This means you pay $5 and download a compressed file of the orginal PSD file with layers. You edit your name and title yourself and can change the images to your heart’s content.

BookCover452LR  BookCover453LR

This is our way to provide some great covers at an extremely low price for those who don’t have a large budget. In return, these covers can be bought by various people and are sold more than once. That is why we encourage to edit the cover to your taste to make it unique.

These next two covers are meant to expand our very small selection of Science (including human science) and Cuisine (cookbooks). These covers fall under our normal covers and are sold ONLY once.

BookCover454LR  BookCover455LR

My end goal is to have at least 10 different covers per each category found in our site. These covers are available now through

Nonfiction meets SteamPunk

When one designs erotic covers for so long, one can forget that not everyone writes erotica and erotic stories. Here is my attempt to add a larger variety and genres to my covers.

Nonfiction/Amish Cover


Really like the touch of the wagon. Adding it turned this simple cover into a much more interesting one. Also, this is my first or second Amish cover. Really horrible at keeping track of these things.

Steampunk Cover


I tend to ignore this genre a little bit. I think I’ve only done like 4 covers that are steampunk, give or take. So, I was happy to add another cover to this area of writing.

And to end this entry, here is my latest sale.


Cover sold for only $15. Don’t miss out on some great covers at a steal of a price. Sale ends this Saturday.