Over 30 Covers For Sale at $25

What better way to say hello again and thank you all for your constant support than to put some of my covers on sale. I currently have 34 covers priced at $25. This sale will remain for another month and will end on September 15.

The covers range from genres to tone. Here are a few of those such covers on sale right now:


Ignore my typo. 😦 It’s 30 plus covers for $25. Sale ends next month so grab your cover before it goes back to regular price. Thank you all and see you soon.


I’m Alive or should I say Back?

The picture was taken by me (Please don’t use without permission)

This time it seems I was quiet for a while, but rest assured I was very busy behind the scenes. I am happy to finally be able to post and update you all on my tidings. I am currently working on converting some covers into full wraparounds and I am still in the process of moving quite a few covers over from Premade Covers 4U to SelfPubBookCovers.

Rest assured that PremadeCovers4U is here to stay, I am just remodeling some of the covers I have there and moving them to where they will be most at home.

I want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding these past few months, but I am back and excited to take on more projects. Here are some covers that sold while I was away.

SelfPubBookCovers Listing:

Want to check out more of my covers listed there here is my page. Covers start at $69 and up. There is also the option for customizing your cover or making one, you just have to ask over there for me. 🙂

There are a few covers that also sold from PremadeCovers4U, but I will save those for another post. Again, thank you all for your constant support and see you all very soon.

New Moves and New Sales

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and, for those who don’t celebrate this holiday, I hope you had a wonderful November. I am almost done with my college courses and should be back into full swing after next week. For now, I thought I post an update on the covers that recently got picked up.

Newest Covers Sold through PremadeCovers4U

Newest Covers Sold through SelfPubBookCovers

I am not sure if I already posted an update on these last two covers or not, but rest assured that all my covers are sold only once.

Now an update on the old shop. I am working with the owner of PremadeCovers 4U and am in the transition of getting that site transferred over to me, so it won’t be shutting down. That is great news, I am super excited to get back into creating new covers for you all very soon. But the move of many of the covers will still take place to clean up the site and provide newer covers for you all. This also means that after January 2nd the prices on most of the covers will go back up. So make sure to grab some awesome covers at very cheap prices.

Now for the covers that I moved over to SelfPubBookCovers if you like any of these covers make sure to check them out over there.

Thank you for stopping by. Till next time, keep creating and inspiring.

Save $10.00 Coupon

I apologize for the super late post regarding the coupon that SelfPubBookCovers has made available to commemorate Thanksgiving Day and the Holidays.


For those who would like to shop my covers posted over at SelfPubBookCovers, this coupon will help you save $10.00. Just make sure to use code: CODE10 before the end of today to enjoy the savings.

This coupon is only good at SelfPubBookCovers shop.

Thank you and as always keep writing and inspiring. An update coming soon related to what I have been up to and covers I have sold since the last time I posted. Have a wonderful holiday season.

More Moving & Edits

I apologize for the lack of updates this week. Extremely busy with university courses, endless homework that comes with it and other daily life stuff. Everything is going pretty good, no worries just very busy.

I am still working as fast as I can at the moment to continue with the transition of my covers over to my shop SelfPubBookCovers and separating which covers will end up being sold here on my blog.

BookCover77LR  BookCover82LR

I removed quite a bit of my covers from PremadeCovers and will be editing them to move them over. Here are the rest of the covers I have managed to finish editing and are already available at SelfPubBookCovers.

BookCover199LR  BookCover181LR

BookCover448LR  BookCover460LR

You can see that some covers didn’t need any editing just some resizing while others had very minor to obvious big changes. This is all for today’s update. These updates might be weekly or biweekly since I have a very hectic schedule this semester. Till next time, keep writing and inspiring.

The Difference Years of Experience Makes

We all have heard “Practice makes Perfect” and we all most likely have gotten tired of it. But it is true. It still astonishes me how much years of experience can make a difference, especially in cover design. Like you all know I am busy moving covers from my old shop (PremadeCovers4U) to my more updated shop (SelfPubBookCovers) and today I tackled a very old cover.

Here are the results…

It goes to show that less is better and that a different perspective might just do the trick. I was falling asleep I have to admit while editing this cover and I went to flip the stars texture layer and ended up flipping the entire cover. To my surprise, I rather liked it and kept it like that.

Really happy to see how far I have come and maybe it isn’t so bad that I never sold this cover because this newly updated rendition of it would never have been possible. What new improvements have you made in your writing, work, or design ideas?

This cover will be available for purchase next week. Thanks for stopping by and till next time keep writing and inspiring.

Expanding Genres & Nonfiction

If you have been following me for the past few years or maybe the past few weeks you have noticed that most of my covers lean more to the sexy side. From time to time I do design covers that are more nonfiction themed or general genre.

Here are two new covers that fit that general/nonfiction allure.

Both covers will be available at SelfPubBookCovers. The one with the little girl and mother is already available for purchase. The one with the little boy needed some editing on the lettering so that one will most likely go up on Monday. Vetting team is off on the weekends.

And here is another cover that was designed a few days ago, but finally got the green light and was made available at SelfPubBookCovers. They had requested that I show more of the mermaid tail.


This one was designed at the same time as the other mermaid cover I posted a few days ago. Other than an update on new covers, there isn’t much else to cover. Hope you all are enjoying the sale still happening over at PremadeCovers4U and don’t forget to keep writing and inspiring. Till next time.